Agriculture with a difference
Cultivating ideas for Growth and Sustainability
With Weavers
Working on creating opportunities that help increase production and incomes for weaving and craft communities
Savithramma Skill
Imparting real skill and enabling women to secure jobs or be self-employed

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“There are many people from weaker sections in our country. The goal is to bring them to a higher position.”

– Dr. Marri Channa Reddy


We are working on capacity-building models for farmers leading to better yield and incomes


We are working to scale up nutrient-rich crops to combat malnutrition in vulnerable groups. 


We aim to make youth the nation’s strength by bridging skill gap and providing opportunities.


We strive to provide children with educational access to help maximize their potential.


We are dedicated to enable women with skills needed for employability and lead secure lives. 


We are working to establish a sustainable growth model that provides better livelihoods for weavers.


7,000 farmer suicides
since 2014


4 Lakh youth are


16.34 Lakh children are
anemic in Telangana


46% of women
are uneducated

Facilitating nutrition

Transforming our food & farming systems to bring forward a nutrient-rich diet

Why Biofortification?

Learn about the importance of bio-fortification & how it’s effective in reducing hidden hunger

Impact Stories

Our areas of focus span from employment to health, education, agriculture and more, all of which have the potential to significantly enhance the quality of life for thousands of people. To accomplish this, we seek to pool resources, expertise, and vision, collaborating with the best organizations to identify needs, find solutions, and bring about change.

Our focus has always been on major challenges and how we can make a positive difference. Here are some real stories of real people and how Marri Channa Reddy Foundation has touched their lives. 

1280 X 720=1-2
Real Skills, Real Jobs
Over 10,000 youth provided with solar training & been successfully placed.
Covid outreach
Important to take care of our Asha workers, who are soldiering on, at personal risk. Providing any support needed to help keep our rural population healthy & safe during tough times.
Supporting weavers always
With the help of local bodies, village elders; rations, groceries & essential items were distributed to weaver families during lockdown.


Weavers of Telangana: A battle of perseverance through time

Weavers of Telangana: A battle of perseverance through time

The weaving industry is the second largest employment sector in Telangana and continues to provide livelihood to thousands. With their…
Coronavirus outbreak leaves weavers in dangerous waters

Coronavirus outbreak leaves weavers in dangerous waters

In the last few decades, the weaving communities in India have grappled with dire circumstances. Nevertheless, the lockdown which began…
Stepping Stones to Bridge the Gap

Stepping Stones to Bridge the Gap

Gender equality occurs when people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. Gender disparity affects everyone: men, women,…
BRIDGING THE GAP: Gender Parity and the Way Forward in India

BRIDGING THE GAP: Gender Parity and the Way Forward in India

Home to 650 million women, India in 2021 has slipped 28 places and has been ranked 140th among 156 nations…

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