Weavers of Telangana: A battle of perseverance through time

The weaving industry is the second largest employment sector in Telangana and continues to provide livelihood to thousands. With their intricate designs and durability, these handwoven products are the personification of the culture and traditions of the state. At first glance, this industry celebrates the heritage of the state and upon digging deeper, it is […]

Coronavirus outbreak leaves weavers in dangerous waters

In the last few decades, the weaving communities in India have grappled with dire circumstances. Nevertheless, the lockdown which began in March 2020 was a challenge they could not have anticipated and prepared for. The pandemic shook their world to the core and weavers found themselves fighting tooth and nail to keep their head above […]

Stepping Stones to Bridge the Gap

Gender equality occurs when people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. Gender disparity affects everyone: men, women, transgender and gender diverse people, children, and families. It affects people of various ages and backgrounds. Gender equality is urgently required. Gender equality lowers violence against women and girls. It is essential for economic prosperity. […]

BRIDGING THE GAP: Gender Parity and the Way Forward in India

Home to 650 million women, India in 2021 has slipped 28 places and has been ranked 140th among 156 nations participating in the rankings of the Global Gender Gap Report 2021.  The report states that the gender gap in India has widened to 62.5%. This is largely due to women’s inadequate representation in politics, technical […]