• “Our youth is our future”

    - Dr. MCR


There are many compounding issues that challenge the meaningful youth employment opportunity and system in India. Poor basic education, sparse knowledge of career pathways and less leveraging to available opportunities, limited social networks, insufficient funds to apply for opportunities, unattractive labor laws and unattractive & unrealistic workplace expectations.

Our goals:

  • Skill the unemployed youth for gainful employment opportunities
  • Support SC/ST/Minorities and economically backward youth
  • Especially youth from urban slums and small towns
  • Encourage and support young entrepreneurs
  • No youth should remain without a job


  • To provide employment and entrepreneurship-linked skill guidance and training to disadvantaged and unprivileged youth (rural and peri-urban)
  • To enhance capacities of rural and urban disadvantaged young women to improve their livelihood potentials by imparting financial literacy and building entrepreneurial capabilities

Our Strategy

MCRF, through its strategic industry partnerships and collaborations aim to create a win-win for both the industry as well as the unemployed youth. Our partnerships improve the quality of the training and also serve the needs of the industries in providing personnel with skills, which are viable and market relevant.