• “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”

    - Dr. MCR


Developing Women Entrepreneurship and Self Help Groups (DWE)
Delivering multiple roles effortlessly every single day, women are undoubtedly the backbone of any society. Doting daughters, caring mothers, competent colleagues and a wide range of many other roles are played by women around us flawlessly and with grace. However, they’ve also been an ignored fraction of the society in many parts of the world. This, in turn, has caused women at large to bear the brunt of inequality, oppression, financial dependability and other social evils. For centuries now, women have been living under bondage that restricts them from achieving professional as well as personal heights

Our goals:

  • Help rural women learn, live and lead
  • Facilitate employment to pursue sustainable livelihoods
  • Empower them to be self-reliant and achieve financial security
  • Inspire and support women entrepreneurs
  • Giving them a voice | Address gender disparity


Women are considered an important human resource of the nation and every state should try to utilize them as mediators of economic growth and development. Encouragement for women entrepreneurship is one of the ways for that. But unfortunately the traditional mind set of the society and negligence of the state and respective authorities is an important obstacle for the women entrepreneurship development in India. In spite of that women of today break all those obstacles and involve themselves in various sectors and proving their excellence. Major part of national economic development is contributed by rural economy. Rural women have to be initiated to step out of home and take responsibilities in the society. Entrepreneurship is considered to be a key for women empowerment especially in rural areas and hence promotion of women entrepreneurs is focused highly by MCRF. There is a need of continuous attempt to inspire, encourage, motivate and co-operate women entrepreneurs, awareness programs should be conducted on a mass scale with the intention of creating awareness among women about the various areas to conduct business.

Empowering women particularly rural women is a challenge and MCRF is trying to make a mark by taking up this challenge. We believe that Micro enterprises in rural area can help to meet these challenges. Micro – enterprises not only enhance national productivity, generate employment but also help to develop economic independence, personal and social capabilities among rural women.

Dr. MCR Foundation and Girls in Tech (India) .

Dr. MCR Foundation and Girls in Tech (India) are working together to accelerate the growth of innovative women entering into the high-tech industry and building startups. Presently we are trying to achieve this through the creation of proprietary, innovative programming and strategic global partnerships.

We work shall provide opportunities for women to network, mentor, influence and inspire leadership, entrepreneurship and skill development which will propel an incredibly positive financial and social impact on global communities.

Seen: Mr. Micheal Mullins, Consul General, U.S. Consulate General, Mrs. Sailaja Kiron, Managing Director, Eenadu Group, Mrs. Divya, Managing Director, Girls in Tech (India), Mr. M. Adithya Reddy, Chairman, Dr. MCR Foundation.

Dr. MCR Foundation and Girls in Tech (India) interactive, activity based workshop on Confidence, Leadership and Women Entrepreneurship .

The workshop was conducted at Microsoft campus, Hyderabad pertaining to Confidence Building, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. The following modules were taught in the workshop to empower power in:-
Confidence Building: Importance of becoming self-aware, Discovering your inner critic, Speaking in public, Leading with confidence, Having a voice within your company and Executive coaching.
Women Entrepreneurship: It is the new “Golden Age of the Entrepreneur” (in Silicon Valley and across the globe). So you’ve asked yourself: How do I start my own company? How do I strengthen my offering and hone my pitch? Learn skills for startup success from top entrepreneur experts, who will provide you with opportunities to learn from the best. Topics covered: Idea, Customer, Team, Product, Design, and Pitch.
Leadership: Leading a team, Creating efficient communication models, Creating efficient processes, procedures and infrastructure, Leading scrums, Team-building exercises, Hiring slow/firing fast and PR/Media training.

Right efforts on from all areas are required in the development of women entrepreneurs and their greater participation in the entrepreneurial activities. Following efforts are being taken into account by MCRF for effective development of women entrepreneurs.

  • Consider women as specific target group for all developmental programmers.
  • Better educational facilities and schemes should be extended to women folk from government part.
  • Adequate training programmed on management skills to be provided to women community.
  • Encourage women's participation in decision-making.
  • Vocational training to be extended to women community that enables them to understand the production process and production management.
  • Skill development to be done in women's polytechnics and industrial training institutes. Skills are put to work in training-cum-production workshops.
  • Training on professional competence and leadership skill to be extended to women entrepreneurs.
  • Making provision of marketing and sales assistance from government part.
  • To encourage more passive women entrepreneurs the Women training programmed should be organized that taught to recognize her own psychological needs and express them.