Born to Lakshma Reddy and Shankaramma, Dr. Marri Channa Reddy hailed from a humble farmer’s family. An MBBS graduate from Osmania University, he was a successful doctor who established two hospitals and built a thriving practice before he forayed into politics. He assumed the high office of Chief Minister for the first time in 1978. He was re-elected to a second term as Chief Minister in 1989. In a long and illustrious political career spanning six eventful decades, he also served as Governor of four states including India’s largest and most populous state – Uttar Pradesh, held many important portfolios as Minister in the state as well as at the centre, travelled the world, represented India at important international conferences, and played a pivotal role in influencing progress of the country.

As Chief Minister as well as Governor, he administered many states, both in times of peace and during challenging times. He devised, implemented and administered many historic policies aimed at promoting the interests of his home state. As a popular mass leader, he was elected and re-elected time and again to the state legislative assembly with thumping majority while helping the Congress party return to power constantly, many of them landslide victories and under his leadership as APCC President.

The towering legend of Telengana is still remembered to this day for his inspiring work as a statesman, farmer, revolutionary and patriarch. Undoubtedly amongst the most admired and influential politicians the nation has seen, his life and times are inspirational for every Indian.